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    How to identify your “Golden Idea”

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Your guides to transformation & clarity.

David Essel

December 12, 2021 

Focus: Why Your Leadership and Your Life Depend On it

Straight from his best-selling book: Focus, David will teach you why this simple-sounding solution may be the missing link between you and the life & business you’ve been waiting for (and how you can make it happen!).

Jeff Sheehan

December 12, 2021 

The Missing Links To Networking and Marketing Success

Discover the core fundamentals that are overlooked by so many but are
absolutely necessary for one’s success in networking and marketing. You’ll be shaking your heads asking, “Why didn’t  I think about that from the start?”

Jackie Woodside

December 12, 2021 

Leading Consciously

What is Conscious Leadership and why is it so important when working with our teams, coworkers, and even our children?

Tiffany Grant

December 11, 2021 

Money Talk & Financial Freedom

Career congruence, satisfaction and being successful. This session will help you understand how your career fit or future business plans fit into an overall financial plan.

Caleb Moran

December 11, 2021 

5 Accellerants of Business Success

Straight from his new book, Business Hacking, get the lowdown on the 5 non-negotiable systems you need to create a successful business.

Marc Reklau

December 11, 2021 

Change Your Habits, Change Your Life (And Business) 

In this session you will learn how to overcome ‘trying’, unclutter your life, create habits that last, and learn the art of saying ‘no’ (among other things). If you are looking to shift in life or business, you need to look HERE.

Melisa Keenan

December 11, 2021 

Intimate Leadership

Business leaders often struggle in intimate relationships. And yet, even our most rewarding success means little without the relationships by our side. Join Melisa as we break down Intimacy, and how it can (positively or negatively) affect your level of impact and income in your work in the world.  ed. 


Sue Donnellan

December 12, 2021 

Business, Life & Kids – Part I & II

Learn how to run a business and raise kids you actually have a good relationship with – while staying sane in the process. A MUST ATTEND session series for anyone struggling with keeping it all on the rails.

Matthew Dicks

December 12, 2021 

How to Land Your Words as a Leader

Discover how to embrace one of the most under utilized skills in our leadership toolbox to motivate, inspire, engage and elevate your teams, friends and family members.

Susan Gilbert

December 11, 2021 

Your Golden Idea

An interactive session that will empower you to discover the unique message only YOU have to share with the world. Excellent for budding business/how-to authors struggling to identify and articulate what their ‘secret sauce’ is.

Robert Maurer

December 11, 2021 

Think SMALL!

Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to goals, getting things done, or staying motivated. Discover how you may be sabotaging your own success and what you can do to turn it around. The answer may surprise you!

Michelle Kulp

December 11, 2021 

Digital Retirement: Replace Your Social Security Income in the Next 12 Months.

What are you doing with your knowledge? Learn how you can use the ideas and experience you already have to create passive income, increase your credibility and uncover the message you were meant to bring into the world.

Lyn Christian

December 12, 2021 

Live Leadership Coaching


    • Are you stuck In the “Now what?” zone?
    • Have you reached a certain stage in business or leadership and want to take things to the next level?
    • Or are you spinning in one place and want to stop the merry-go-round?

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  • Best of luck!



Thomas Gay

December 12, 2021 

Strength of The Leader, Strength of The Pack

Learn how your leadership determines the strength of your teams and how to uplevel your leadership game so you can inspire, elevate and initiate powerful results in the companies, teams and relationships under your care.